Wednesday, 30 March 2011

One word to avoid when making outbound calls


This one little word is without doubt the most commonly used negative term in UK outbound calling. 

The next time you receive a sales call consider how often the word is used.

- Just a quick call...
- Just following up on the literature we sent you...
- Just a catch up call...
-Just calling to introduce...

The word is destructive for 3 reasons:

- Sends a signal to the customer that the call is not important.

- Gives the impression that the caller is nervous or apologetic.

- Instantly triggers sceptical thoughts in the mind of the customer.

"Just" is an example of habitual verbal junk.  The word has no purpose, no benefit and therefore no reason to be used on your calls.

Cutting this one word from all outbound sales calls will instantly improve the quality of your first impression.